The shimmer of light on aluminium foil, a string of dropping glue. I am attracted to the appearance and physical qualities of materials. Beauty is leading. Beauty motivates me to start working. Often when something breaks, tears apart, looses its shape or is getting scuffed it reveals its beauty. Then materials are often at their shiniest, unexpectedly beautiful.

In the changeability of materials I see metaphors. Metaphors on the temporary life. Life that is finite, deficient and limited. Beauty is optimistic but looses its shimmer with only optimism. It needs its downside with destruction, ugliness and disasters. It's this duality between beauty and destruction I find most interesting. They need to be in harmony with each other. When I see too much beauty I want to add destruction. The other way around its the same. If there is no balance it isn't true to me. When there is no balance I want to respond by making an art piece that restores the balance. To contrast paradise something dirty needs to be created. Too much dirt? Its time for something dreamy and nice!

I don't like to see my sculptures as closed down entities, but rather see them relate to a bigger structure where they are able to interact. To me this is a key feature of the medium of sculpture. A sculpture is spatial, and has a location. This location cannot be denied. The sculpture relates to it, it's his destiny.

Jan Bokma , September, 2016